Interested in Blackjack, but do not know how the game works or would you like to refresh your knowledge? Then you are exactly right here! Blackjack is the oldest and most popular card game in the world.

In the online casinos there are several offerers, which offer different variants of the Blackjack. With our tips you will get a good introduction to the world of Blackjacks.

The Blackjack rules are very simple: you only need to reach a higher total score than the dealer. For this purpose the player tries to reach the score of 21 or at least reach as close as possible, but without exceeding it. If the player exceeds the score, he or she has lost. If, however, you think you have a good hand, then the dealer reveals his hole card and the winner is determined.

What Blackjack rules are there?

Each player places his bet on the table. The dealer then gives each player two cards, even themselves. The cards are open. One of the dealer's cards is hidden. The combination of two cards together 21 is called Blackjack. This is the profit sheet. If the player holds Blackjack, he wins 3: 2 unless the dealer also holds Blackjack. In this case, it is undecided or a push is announced and the player gets his money back.

Insurance side bet is offered to the players when the dealer's dealer card is an ace to secure it against a dealer's blackjack. The size of the insurance is half the original amount. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player wins 2: 1.

Player's Trains: After receiving the cards, the player can use one of the following options:

Hit: You get an additional card. The player can choose Hit several times until he is satisfied with his cards or until he exceeds the 21.

Stand: Holding the owning cards.

Double Down: double the original bet. In a double-down, only one card can be added to the hand. This option is only available if the player has not yet used any other options.

Split: if the first two cards are identical, the player can select split and play them separately. To do so, he places a bet of the same amount in addition to the original bet. The dealer will then separate the two cards to place two separate sheets.

Surrender: allows the player to give up his hand by paying half of his original bet. This option is only available in some casinos. Sometimes it is available when the dealer has no blackjack.

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