Gambling license in Germany

Hardly any industry is growing as fast as the market for gambling. It seems to be an eternal fascination for people to leave their gain to chance. In recent years, however, fewer people visit local casinos; is being gambled more and more online. According to a Goldmedia analysis in 2011, gross online gambling revenues amounted to 357 million euros; at the time, it had already overtaken the online poker segment (€ 301 million).

The legal situation is complicated

The German gambling market generates billions every year - but politicians can not agree on how they should deal with this sector. In theory, there is the state contract on gambling in Germany (gambling statute agreement). In this, the 16 Länder have agreed to co-ordinate the legal formulations so that the regulations are comparable. In practice, not all the federal states adhere to the rules of the game: Schleswig-Holstein grants licenses for casinos and violates the state contract.

German consumers therefore play a legal and legal horror: According to the European Union, online gambling is legal when certain rules are respected with regard to minimum age, controls by independent institutes and other criteria; the German law legalizes the gambling games, if the offerers have a license from Germany - and this only allocates Schleswig-Holstein. This means that licenses are valid only for residents of the state.

For this reason, players are in the Grauzone, because: Until now, no player outside the borders of Schleswig-Holstein was accused because he plays in online casinos.

The German tolerance for online casinos

Even if most of the online gambling games in Germany are not legal, they are tolerated. There is a problem for gamblers: they are rarely offered help with fraud or missing payouts. For this reason, players are advised to inform themselves online at this casino portal about the gaming providers. Based on the information, a reputable provider can be found, who has been active in the industry for years and pays out profits on time.

The following features define a reputable provider:

  • Gambling license: It should be valid and comes from the EU or Germany.
  • Payment: The seller accepts PayPal, which has a good dispute resolution process.
  • Customer service: It should be offered in the German language.
  • Age restriction: After registration, the casino should check the identity of its players.
  • Addiction prevention: Serious providers are committed to the prevention of addiction.
  • Customers prefer online casinos

If you want to play for money, you can do this conveniently from your desk. Under the new trend, local gambling banks are suffering from declining sales figures for years. At the end of 2014 the last remaining Thüringer Spielbank in Erfurt closed; but also in the Zockerparadies Nevada the most beautiful times are over.

For customers, the situation is clear: online casinos save them the way to the local game room; there are no dress codes, no smoking ban and no opening hours. And: thanks to low operating costs, online casinos offer attractive bonuses.

Another advantage of online casinos is the great offer of games as well as the constantly growing portfolio: new games are imported by software updates. Only the classic flair of a casino remains on the line. Players can seem to do without it: comfort and bonus actions are more profitable for them.

Attract new customers with smartphone apps

Veterans from the industry are not the only customers of online casinos: they have not passed the growing distribution of smartphones and tablets. In Germany, every second uses a smartphone and every fifth uses a tablet - this huge market offers great potential for online casinos.

Some vendors have not long considered and started developing smartphone apps. These serve not only to offer a pleasure to the customers on the road; the apps attract new customers - especially young people are fascinated by the apps. Whether you're on your way to work, on vacation or in your spare time, a casino app has started quickly and delivers fun at any place in the world.

Some casinos even offer an alternative app that works with gambling money: this is supposed to guarantee maximum fun without losing a risk. In particular, newcomers are supposed to come to the taste of the casino games.

The future of online casinos in Germany

The German situation of the gambling market is currently determined in a gray area; there are no signs or efforts to change the situation. The head of the Research Unit for Gambling at the University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Tilman Becker, wishes in Germany commissions based on the model of other EU countries: they consist of hundreds of employees; Belgium has even given the police to the gambling commission.

At present, regulation in Germany is only on paper. Only when experts from the fields of business and consumer law join together and form a gambling committee can a binding rule set for online gambling be created in Germany. Until then, German gamblers are still playing a horror.

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